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New saint Drop - The New Eve

Prints and prayer cards available today in the shop!

Mary’s title “The New Eve” is one of the oldest we have for her, signifying her necessary participation in the story of Jesus’ redemption. St. Irenaeus wrote of this, comparing Eve’s disobedience to Mary’s obedience, and Mary’s faith vs. Eve’s lack of it. Tertullian later continues this idea, comparing Mary’s belief in an angel to Eve’s in the serpent, and that Eve gave birth to a son who would kill, while Mary gave birth to one who would be killed. St. Jerome in the 4th century simply wrote that death came through Eve while life came through Mary. St. Augustine also used this title to prove that both male and female bodies are pleasing to God because of Mary’s Divine role that was just as necessary as Jesus’.

Read more on the website about this devotion, and find a wonderful reflection in our book by Morgan Strehlow about this image of Mary!

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