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Are you living internationally and shipping is too expensive and the mail too unreliable to buy prints? If so, I am now introducing an option to download image files for printing abroad, or for specific printing needs I cannot fulfill.

Before requesting an image download, please read through the following stipulations:

- Custom Prints: I am able to print any poster size through my printing company. Please use the contact form to ask me for custom prints if this is what you are looking for. If you have any other customizing concerns, you can ask me about those first, as well.

- Downloads: If you are looking for a less standard size or are living internationally, please use the contact form to ask for a contract for image download. You will need to fill out this contract, return it to me, and pay in full before I am able to send you any images.

- Bulk Order: Please also use the form for any bulk orders that may need to be customized, printed, or sent in a different way. I do provide discounts for schools and ministries!



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