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Mary as the
New eve

FEast: Jan. 1st
Patron of:  
flourishing, fertility, abundance, redemption, new life, faith



Mary’s title “The New Eve” is one of the oldest we have for her, signifying her necessary participation in the story of Jesus’ redemption. In the second century, St. Justin Martyr was one of the first to draw the parallel between Mary and Eve, just as one is drawn between Jesus and Adam. St. Irenaeus also wrote of this around the same time, comparing Eve’s disobedience to Mary’s obedience, and Mary’s faith vs. Eve’s lack of it. Tertullian later continues this idea, comparing Mary’s belief in an angel to Eve’s in the serpent, and that Eve gave birth to a son who would kill, while Mary gave birth to one who would be killed. St. Jerome in the 4th century simply wrote that death came through Eve while life came through Mary. St. Augustine also used this title to prove that both male and female bodies are pleasing to God because of Mary’s Divine role that was just as necessary as Jesus’.

Symbolism around Eve often involved lush, fertile fruits of the garden, and though she and Adam brought death and Original Sin, Mary reclaimed that fertility and lushness of life for us.




As the parallel and hope of our ancestor Eve, your choice reclaimed fertility, vibrancy, and a fruitful and lush life for us. You have  set us free to enjoy this bounty, through the life that you bore in Jesus. Show us how to best accept these gifts of life and growth, and how to both enjoy and create more of it. 

Art Reflection


Since I began on this project, the portrayal of mary during her pregnancy has been one of my most requested images. The title "The new Eve", I believe, is the best fit for this image, with its indication of fertility and vibrancy. She is gardening, with her watering can overflowing as a reference to her other, similar title, "life-giving spring". She also has in her pocket a snakeskin and a broken chain - symbols of her liveliness's power over death and the freedom it gives us. She holds and wears flowers and fruit - more symbols of life, growth, and abundance. Her pose gives a sense of her enjoyment of this bounty, while her face shows a gentleness and peace.

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