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Commission Requests

Note: only BIPOC, officially canonized saints will be added to the list for the upcoming year.

For a commission, my prices range from $300 - $500 depending on the size you would like it to be, and you'll receive the original painting on wood. I take the first half of the payment before starting, and the second half after I have sent you a photo of the finished commission and you are satisfied or any small changes suggested have been made. 


Since I use the repurposed wood that comes in all sizes and shapes, please let me know the price range you would like to stay within. This will correlate to the size/ quality of wood for the piece, and I will send you a description to confirm.


I would photograph it to make other prints before sending it to you.

Shipping is usually about $5-$10 (in the US) depending on how heavy the final painting is.

Would you really like to see a saint I haven't painted already?

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