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These are a few activities that can be done with school classes, youth groups, Parish groups, and more. The object is to think even further about how much we can relate to the saints by placing them in our lives today, or picturing ourselves as saints!

Group Activities

Take a saint’s biography or think of a saint you admire. Imagine what that saint would have been like in your shoes today!

  • What job might they have? Where would they volunteer?

  • If you are a student, What classes would they take or how would they feel in your classes?

  • What activities would they be involved in outside of work or school?

  • What other life elements would they have to balance on top of a busy schedule?

  • What would their home look like?

  • What would their future plans be?

  • How would they hang out on the weekends?

  • What kinds of people would their friends be?

  • Would they remind you of someone you know?

Draw yourself as a saint!

  • What symbols of your gifts, talents, and passions would you include?

  • How will you incorporate those into what you are wearing and holding?

  • What colors best represent you?

  • What expression will you have?

  • Don’t forget a halo!

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Saint Schedule

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Draw yourself

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