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Finding Wood to Repurpose

Updated: May 2

Snarky statements, incorrect spelling, outdated images, cringey rhymes, used cutting boards - these are just a few of the types of pieces we repurpose into Modern Saints icons!

Some of our favorites over the years have included:

- many cat stencils

- candle holders we had to chip the wax off of

- tournament award plaques

- pieces of wooden boxes

- a piece of a door off of a cabinet in the trash

- serving trays

… And so much more

These pieces have been found by the side of the road, in yard sales, renovation sites, and secondhand stores, each of them discarded.

Much like the saints, each piece once forgotten was transformed and is now revered. Because of this, you may notice that some of these pieces have a noticeable wood texture, cracks, or imperfections. This is also a metaphor for the saints in that they were not perfect, and were still human with past lives and flaws.

You may even notice that some of the parts that show through from the wood have something to do with the saint portrayed - such as what the piece is, words or designs that show through, or even an interesting shape.

This part of our process furthers the notion of extraordinary coming from ordinary, and of redemption from a throw-away and unforgiving culture.


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