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Research + Inspiration Images

Bonus - see if you can guess the saint based off the mood board before swiping!

One of the biggest parts of preparing for creating each icon is doing extensive research. Sometimes my digging and discovering takes me down very unexpected paths that I choose to follow, despite possibly not being very connected, because inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes, ideas even come from things happening in my daily life, or a particular story I heard about a saint years ago and remembered (or misremembered).

These reference image boards are pared-down versions of the extensive Pinterest boards I make based off of the research I have accumulated. They include color palettes, faces, fashion, symbols, and even images of moods or ideas I hope to incorporate. I also try to wear clothing, listen to music, and eat, drink, or light a candle to go with the themes as well!

I hope you enjoy this small behind-the-scenes look!


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