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FEast: July 9th, {Fatima} May 13th
Patron of:  Peace


Our Lady of Peace



     Mary's title of "Queen of Peace" has lead to many depictions of her wearing all white and holding an olive branch - the symbol of peace.

This image is also based off of the image of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima. Three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal witnessed apparitions of Mary in 1917. In these visions, she shared secrets with the children. She appeared wearing all white trimmed with gold and was a glowing source of light. She was reported to also be holding a rosary and wearing a crown.




Our world is so preoccupied in so many things - show us the true meaning of peace. Show us how none of us can be at peace until we all can rest without fear for our lives, fear of untreated pain, lack of resources, or loss of hope. We find peace when we can live without judgment, bias, or hatred. We find peace when our children can grow and thrive. Grant us this. Amen.

Art Reflection


This image of Mary as Queen of Peace emphasizes the fact that the most peace we can know would be conditions under which a baby can sleep soundly. This piece is for all Mothers of color who mourn their lost children until the day racial justice can bring this kind of peace.

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