Born: 1st century BC
Died: 1st century BC or AD
FEast: July 26th
Patron of:  
Grandparents, women in labor, childlessness and infertility


St. Anne



As mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus, we can only imagine how supportive, loving, encouraging, and trusting you must have been. You trusted God would grant you a seemingly impossible child, and you trusted that child even when you did not understand her circumstance. you know our struggles in raising a family the best we can. Bless us as we try.

Art Reflection


Luckily, people are beginning to share their stories of infertility. Too taboo to discuss until not very long ago (and still not considered "safe" in some places, we are finally realizing how common it is - and how traumatic. Hearing about St. Anne - the very mother of the mother of God - struggling with this same issue is so humanizing of her. That trauma is something I wanted very visible on her face, as well as worry - as on the face of any mother - especially one with a child and grandchild about to change the world.