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Saintly moms

9 Saints with experiences of motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day!

To any and all of you that identify as a mother, we are sending you our prayers for a wonderful day, and that you receive the love, peace, and recognition you deserve for the work, sacrifice, and intense love that you give.

Though many saints were called to vocations of single life, there were still an enormous number of them that found their way to sainthood almost, sometimes, just by being mothers, and we agree that so many of the mothers we know are saints in the making.

The saints featured here were biological mothers, many of which lost their children, many who were single parents, and all were people who mothered more than just children, and today we want to recognize this quality the most.

Share a saint with a mother you know that might resonate best, to give them hope, understanding, and a heavenly cheerleader!


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