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FEast: Sept. 29th
Patron of:  
medical workers, pharmacists, the blind, illnesses, travel, nightmares, happy meetings, mental health





    Raphael's name means "God has healed" - whereas Michael is seen as the soldier and Gabriel the messenger, Raphael's mission as an archangel is identified as one of healing.

He is named in the Old Testament in the Book of Tobit when he disguises himself as a human to be a traveling companion for Tobit's son, Tobiah. He guides Tobiah safely through the desert, and they arrive just in time to meet a woman named Sara. Because of a demon afflicting her, she has been married many times, but every wedding night, her new husband is killed right before they are able to consummate the marriage. Sara is contemplating suicide when the two arrive, and Raphael is able to cast out the demon and allow Tobiah and Sara to be safely married.

When they return to Tobit, who has gone blind, Raphael uses a fish and a prayer to restore his sight. Only then does he reveal his true identity as an archangel.

Though he is not mentioned by name in the New Testament, there is a story about a pool of water in Bethesda where people went to be cured by a healing spirit. Because of the healing nature, the spirit is usually understood to be the angel Raphael.


Ancient Tradition also goes that Raphael's job, after Michael had cast the fallen angels out of Heaven, was to heal, clean, and restore the earth from the battle.

Raphael is also venerated in Islam. He is said to be the one who will blow a trumpet to announce the day of the Resurrection. He is said to be incredibly tall, have four wings, and is a master of music and thousands of languages. He the angel with the highest honor, as he mediates between God and other angels.



you were sent by God at just the right time to save, heal, and change lives. But you didn’t do it on your own. You guided people together and they    changed each others’. Guide us to those we need and who need us in their lives. Be with those suffering with their mental Health.


Art Reflection


AS the healing angel, Raphael needed a less-serious face than the other angels. He needed to be approachable, kind, and wise. He looks a little worn from travel, but has a slight smile as he is able to comprehend the needs of others and give aid.


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