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FEast: all may
Patron of:  flowers, spring, mothers


May Crowning



     May Crowning likely originated around the end of the 18th century due to the large number of feast days involving Mary that are found in the month of May. Four of Mary's apparitions also occurred in May, and many believe Mary chose that month as a special one herself.

Crowns have been found on images of Mary since the beginning, due to her title as Queen of the Saints, Queen of Heaven, and Queen of many other things. The most common images of this are of her Assumption, during which Jesus and God are crowning Mary.

Celebrations involving physically crowning a statue or image of Mary probably were not popular, though, until the 19th century. This was solidified in 1965 as Pope Paul VI wrote of May being Mary's month, and in 1987 when Pope John Paul II celebrated The Marian Year by declaring the crowning a ritual.



May we bless you with flowers, Mother Mary, as you bless us each and every day  with beauty in this world. Show us how to live beautifully, think beautifully, and feel beautiful, just like you. Surround us with beautiful things, and allow us to create beauty when there is none. 


Art Reflection


This is my most delicate portrait of Mary, comparing her to the flowers she is honored with in May. I have fond memories of May crowning while growing up, and the celebration is such a beautiful one. I wanted to capture that kind of innocence, elegance, and freshness in this icon.

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