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Born: Late 1st Century BC - Early 1st century AD
Died: Mid-late 1st century AD
FEast: July 29th
Patron of:  
cooks, servants, home makers, inn keepers, single women


St. Martha


Martha, along with her sister Mary and her brother Lazarus were a group of siblings with whom Jesus was very good friends, residing in Bethany. John’s Gospel says directly that “Jesus loved them”, signifying just how important they were to him.  Both Luke and John’s Gospels mention them. In Luke’s, a story is told of one of Jesus’ many visits to their home. Martha anxiously prepares the home and the food while Mary chooses to instead sit by Jesus and listen to him speak. Martha is described as imploring Jesus to get Mary to help her. Instead of doing so, Jesus tells Martha that she should also, like Mary, just have a seat and listen, too. 

In John’s Gospel, it is heard that Lazarus has died. Jesus weeps over this loss because of how close he is to this family. He goes to Bethany to see them, and Martha comes out of the house to meet him, stating her firm belief in him by saying that Lazarus would not have died if he had been there. Jesus goes on to raise Lazarus from the dead, just as Martha stated she would believe to happen if he said it would. After this, all that is described of Martha is that she simply served.

In several Traditions, though not stated explicitly in the Gospels, Martha and Mary were among the group of women that brought Myrrh to Jesus’ tomb and discovered the Resurrection first. They were also likely present at the Crucifixion.

According to the non-canon Golden Legend, Martha and Mary went to France after witnessing Jesus’ Ascension. While there, a dragon-like beast was terrorizing a town. Martha, rather than destroying the creature, was said to instead tame it, and led it through the town like a pet.

Her feast day is celebrated along with her siblings.




Be with  those of us with anxiety; who overthink, over-imagine , plan, worry, and question. Show us how to find peace in this world and in ourselves and how to overcome our demons. Allow our faith to be a respite and a strength. Show our world how our troubling brain chemistry is not something to be stigmatized and how our lives can still be beautiful. Amen.

Art Reflection


Martha, patron of cooks, servants, and homemakers, holds a spoon and wears an apron as symbols of these. there is a lot going on in her head, but she is trying to keep it together. The dragon symbol on her apron is symbolic of the story of her taming one, and her hairstyle and the colors and patterns used in her clothing are reminiscent of the depictions of her common in Santeria, in which she is known as "Marta Dominadora" and is a powerful force for prayer.


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