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FEast: The Saturday following the feast of the sacred Heart
Patron of:  love, motherhood, human life 

immaculate heart.jpg

Heart of Mary



     The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a devotion to Mary focusing on the joys and sorrows of her human heart filled with perfect love for God. It includes her compassion for the entire world as her children as well, and the heart is sometimes pictured with the seven swords representing her sorrows. This devotion is also linked to the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Most Chaste Heart of Joseph.



Let us never forget just how real a woman you were. You laughed & your heart swelled. You sobbed & it broke into pieces. You loved & lost. You felt pain, excitement, fear, & peace. You worried, you ran, you slept, you breathed. Be with us in our every small human experience.



Art Reflection


This piece is a companion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus pieces, and when places together, Jesus is looking up to Mary. Since my mission is to portray Mary in as many ways as possible to be able to accommodate every viewer's different image of her or need they have of her, this is the most playful, relaxed, and least feminine version.

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