Born: 337
Died: 397
FEast: Dec. 7th
Patron of:  
Beekeepers, homelessness, learning, Milan, domestic animals. wax and candles


St. Ambrose



As patron saint of homelessness, be with those of us - our own brothers and sisters - who are suffering from experiencing homelessness. Keep them safe and healthy, and may you pray that no one ever need to leave, be cast out, or deprived of a home in the first place. Let us work to discover and end the causes of the suffering, while aiding those already affected.


Art Reflection


Authoritatively looking away while maintaining an approachable and honest style and expression, I wanted St. Ambrose to appear scholarly, dignified, concerned, and hopeful. He has pens in his pocket ready to go, a scarf to stay warm after giving away his jackets, and bees on his shirt representative of his patronage.