Patron of: childbirth, pregnant women, dying people, kidney disease, peasants, exiles, falsely accused people

Death: 304


Feastday: July 20th

St. Margaret


Consecrated Life

St. Margaret by Gracie Morbitzer

     Nothing certain is known of her, but according to her untrustworthy legend, she was the daughter of a pagan priest at Antioch in Pisidia. Also known as Marina, she was converted to Christianity, whereupon she was driven from home by her father. She became a shepherdess and when she spurned the advances of Olybrius, the prefect, who was infatuated with her beauty, he charged her with being a Christian. He had her tortured and then imprisoned, and while she was in prison she had an encounter with the devil in the form of a dragon. According to the legend, he swallowed her, but the cross she carried in her hand so irritated his throat that he was forced to disgorge her (she is patroness of childbirth). The next day, attempts were made to execute her by fire and then by drowning, but she was miraculously saved and converted thousands of spectators witnessing her ordeal-all of whom were promptly executed. Finally, she was beheaded. That she existed and was martyred are probably true; all else is probably fictitious embroidery and added to her story, which was immensely popular in the Middle Ages, spreading from the East all over Western Europe. She is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and hers was one of the voices heard by Joan of Arc. Her feast day is July 20th.

Prayer to St. Margaret

St. Margaret, holy virgin and martyr, faithfully did you preserve the robe of holy innocence and purity, valiantly resisting all the flattery and allurements of the world for the love of your Divine Spouse, Jesus Christ. Help me to overcome all temptations against the choicest of all virtues, holy purity. Help me to remain steadfast in the love of Christ, in order to preserve this great gift of God. Implore for me the grace of perseverance in prayer, distrust of myself, and flight from the occasions of sin. Finally, I beg that you obtain for me the grace of a good death, so that in Heaven I may "follow the Lamb wherever He goes." Amen.