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Our Lady of Victory



     The Devotion to "Our Lady of Victory" comes from the Devotion to "Our Lady of the Rosary". When the rosary was given by Mary to St. Dominic as a prayer device, he was able to achieve the success he longed for. Later,  when a Pope was organizing troops to recapture Christian posts from the Ottoman Empire, he instructed his crew to pray the rosary. They succeeded as well, and Pope Pius V declared that Mary had been the force that led them to victory. He established a feast day to commemorate the battle.



We’ve heard the incredibly true phrase that None of us can thrive unless all of us thrive and are seen as equals. Mother Mary, guide us to this goal as we lift the voices of the oppressed and enkindle a burning desire for justice in each of our hearts. Let us fight for those who cannot. Amen. 

Art Reflection


This commission began my mission of creating "A Mary" for every type of person and need. This icon's purpose was to show her in a role other than her usual benign, quiet way. She was supposed to be ready to fight on behalf of her children, her family, or territory. WE often do forget the strength and fierce protection Mary offers us as our mother.



FEast: Oct. 7th
Patron of:  Battles, challenges, defense 

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