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FEast: Sept. 29th
Patron of:  
grocers, soldiers, doctors, police, sickness, paramedics, Germany, Ukraine


Archangel Michael



    Michael is revered as a powerful archangel in many faiths, not just in Christianity but also in Judaism and Islam. The first mention of him is in the Old Testament book of Daniel in which he is identified as a protector of the Jewish people. In the New Testament Book of Revelation, there is a war described between Satan and Michael in which Michael defeats him and casts him out of Heaven, mirroring the similar battle that took place at the beginning of time.

Early Christians viewed Michael as a healing force and built many temples honoring him as such. Devotion to him grew throughout the ages, and now, in Catholicism, he is known theologically to have specific roles.

His first role is to fight against evil and the devil himself. His second is to protect us and then to bring us to Heaven safely when we pass away. His third is to guide, fight for, and bring good things to us and the Church, and his fourth role is to call everyone to judgement at the end.



As our protector saint, please be with us and those you are patron of, such as soldiers and police. guide and inspire them to protect the most vulnerable, be honest and unprejudiced, and act uprightly. Protect all lives involved, and help us establish  better support for our communities.


Art Reflection


Michael, as warrior and protector, is most often given a tough, large, soldier-ly look. We forget that he wasn't God's security guard, but rather an angel just like all the others who did what he knew he must when the occasion arose. We all have the ability to be strong and noble when we must. His sweater resembles chain mail armor and he holds a sword while also bearing a few battle scars.


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